Influences In Pop Culture

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The Underlying Academia in Pop. Culture Pop culture is an emerging topic for all people over the world, and the subject matter seems to be growing alongside its audience. Not only does pop culture have underlying academic studies, but also relies on the changes of our society to expand its popularity. Pop. Culture is something that does deserve academic study as there is definitely underlying knowledge in their theories as well as it is an opportunity to 'examine the multiple uses and meanings of the arts and culture of everyday life ' through 'innovative interdisciplinary coursework’ (Fehlen).
First of all, there is definitely an underlying meaning behind things that appear on pop. culture. Across a range of disciplines that use rock
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Secondly, there is relevance to currently studied topics all throughout pop. culture. By studying and having classes based on pop. culture, students are able to interpret the references by meshing new and current ideas with familiar concepts (Hoekstra). A prime example of this is how the University of Virginia offers a course in which listen to the songs and view the music videos of Lady Gaga. Surprisingly, this is not meant for entertainment. The course is coined 'GaGa for Gaga: Sex, Gender and Identity ', and covers the title topics while examining the enigmatic performer 's influence in culture. Other courses offered include 'Popular Entertainments, ' 'Youth in Popular Culture, ' 'Black Popular Culture ' and 'Contexts of Popular Music’ (Fehlen). These topics primarily link with academics currently throughout, such as racism, youth…show more content…
Thirdly, it is very easy to find connections to the world that are applicable to today’s society, especially with our youth. In fact, author Lisa Holmes describes the concept as “Monkey See, Monkey Do”, referring to the idea of if you want to understand monkeys you have to study both what they should eat and what they actually eat. To explain further, in order to understand our society and the decisions we make, it’s important to understand what we should consume and do consume. Everybody is immersed well into media today, that much so that society around us and what people are surrounding themselves with actually effect the way we think, whether they should or not (Holmes). During an article, Hoekstra explains that if you can show the students that what they’re learning in the classroom is relevant to what’s going on outside it, they won’t think that this is some obscure corner of academia that doesn’t matter (Hoekstra). Basically, studying pop culture does have an important social function; What we pay attention to in pop culture is how we say what is important to us. For example, a debate took place over "Duck Dynasty," whose star was suspended after he made homophobic remarks (Holmes). This shows a prevalent relation between the pop. culture we witness and how it affects our
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