Influences: No Man Is An Island

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“No man is an island” because people cannot live alone. We need company for us to live happily like our family and friends. As time passes by, we have been together with our friends for so long; we didn’t notice that we were already influenced by our friends or the people surrounding us. We didn’t notice that we have changed to blend in with our friends. Our friends are not the only ones who can influence us. We are also influenced by the religion we choose, our choices of singer and music, our philosophies, the famous writers and through the books that we study and read. These influences are not with us physically. However, they bring great impact in our lives, and even with their absence, they influence and bring changes to us. Those changes may be for the better or worse, but it still depends on how we utilize the changes that they bring for us to become a better human being. Not all people can influence us, since no one can dictate and decide for us regarding the things we need to follow. Influence can only happen if we let those people guide and inspire us. However, if it is the opposite, then no influence can ever happen. It is important to note that not all influences make us better; sometimes we change for the worse. It is sad to think that these influences are brought by the peers or friends we choose. Below are the different bad influences brought by our peers: 1. Alcoholism 2. Taking drugs 3. Gambling 4. Computer addicts 5. Materialism 6. Bullying These are
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