Influences Of Hip Hop Culture

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How would hip hop have a negative image?
When people are listening to rap they show antisocial behavior. So completely was rap ingrained in their consciousness that every once in a while someone that was listening to rap would start singing the lyrics to the song. Usually if the person is with a group of friends and their other friends know the song then they would also start to sing the lyrics to the song. Rap became a running decoration in their conversation.

Where did hip hop originated and who were its founders?
Hip Hop was found in New York by black and Latino ghetto. The three main elements of hip hop are rap, break dancing, and graffiti. Hip hop was originated in the 60th of the 20th century. It was also originated in the poor part of town. In 1976 Clive Campbell went to south Bronx from Jamaica. Clive is known as one of the founders of hip hop.
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Hip Hop is a culture not just music. As a whole society hip hop has had an overwhelming influence on the black community in America. For generations Hip Hop has ben providing to many different types of groups and people that is trying to deliver a message to other people. A lot of people argue that Hip Hop culture is aggressive and sometimes can send the wrong message to other people. But Hip Hop music dose not negate that hip hop is a vocal outlet for all types of people of different ages and

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