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Analysis of influences on ESPN and other traditional medias
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As the development of the technology, the traditional media and new media are becoming the main-stream broadcasting tool in the period of recent twenty years for the professional sport events, such as Super Bowl and NBA.

The objects of research in this essay are ESPN and other media resources, which are the representatives of the new media and traditional media, respectively. ESPN is the abbreviation of Entertainment Sports Programming Network. Other media will be the traditional media in this essay, such as newspaper and magazine. This essay will describe their influences on the sport events, and make a comparison. As the representative of the new media,
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The first one is that ESPN?s sport reports provide the audiences with game detail, score results and highlights that just happened in their countries, cities or communities (2015). Because spreading news via internet is much faster than printing news out on newspapers or magazines. According to Superville, our world is changed by high-speed Internet, which spread the information to us in time (2015). As we are living in a more competitive and globalized world, audiences who are the loyal fans for their favorite teams will want to access to the latest sport reports in the first time. Even if there are some fans who are suffering from their jobs, they can still follow the score results or check the highlights merely from their ESPN applications on their phones. More importantly, ESPN?s internet news applies many kinds of media information together, such as short text, vivid image, video frequency, voice, to construct the immersion circumstances for audiences. To make the experience even more immersion for viewers at the virtual match, microphones will be installed under the pitch at the field of Super Bowl to ensure that all the atmosphere is captured, and the network also has 19 cameras on hand for its…show more content…

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