Influenza Observation

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In reviewing the whole teaching session, I agree that I should have condensed the CDC and county influenza statistics into one slide. However, in my observation, the numbers presented piqued their interest. I was contented that I was able to use An 11-slide, PowerPoint presentation was developed and content included the definition of influenza, symptoms, epidemiology, prevalence, prevention and flu vaccination. In addition, printed resources provided by the county health supervisor and MCDPH, accompanied the slide presentation. “Fight the Flu,” “Don’t Get the Flu. Don’t Give the Flu” and influenza Q&A were some of the informational flyers. The “Fight the Flu” flyer garnered the most attention as it compared the symptoms of the common cold…show more content…
Prior to starting the presentation, two questions were asked to the audience; “What is influenza?” and “Is the common cold the same as the flu?” The answers to these questions were mixed. All had the opinion that to get the flu is bad. “When I’m sick with a fever and a stuffy nose, I always say I have the flu” (Sandra B., personal communication, June 13, 2015). Overall, the five adults and three teenagers who took the time to listen seemed interested. The five adults claimed that they’ve received the flu vaccine at least once in the last five years. A 15 year old male stated that he missed two days in February because of the flu and that he did not like “injections.” After pointing out the differences between the common cold and flu symptoms, he thought he might have had just the simple…show more content…
One circled uncertain to “Did the presentation add to your knowledge of this disease?” Most commented that there was a lot of information to take in, in particular the slides that discussed the flu vaccine. The comments centered on the audience not being able to follow when vaccination options (injection, nasal spray, intradermal) were explained, but were not presented on any slides. One stated that they did not quite understand what an “inactivated virus” was, referring to the flu shot. Two adults were not aware of the nasal spray option and, other than what was shared on the slides, presenter was unable to answer further questions with regard to contraindications of the spray. One audience member who had just started working as an office secretary in a hospital was appreciative that I had pointed out the vaccine may be offered by her employer to family members at no cost and stated she would ask about

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