Informal And Informal Settlements

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Poor and informal settlement are two different things, poor means having a little money ([Def. 1]. (n.d.) In Merriam Webster Online retrieved from and informal settlement means areas where groups of housing units have been constructed on land that the occupants have no legal claim to, or occupy illegally (Informal Settlements. (2001, September 25) retrieved from It means that the level of the informal settlers or the squatters is lower than the poor because squatters does not have their own property. If the informal settlers are located to another place it means that the government gave the informal settlers a house, and nothing more. The people still needs to work and use the skills that they have to survive and to have the basic needs of life aside from shelter like food, water and clothes. The problem to the people is that the people are just relying to the government and not making a move. But the government have a lot of ideas to solve this kind of problems but are not implemented that easily. After the relocation program the informal settlers should know what are the skills that they have so the informal settlers will excel on the work and be motivated and to earn more for all the basic needs that everyone in the family needs because a person will not work on a job when that person does not have a skill on that particular job. The informal settlers should enhance the

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