Good Housekeeping Clorox Target Audience

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Look from left to right, I guarantee at least two things containing advertisements were spotted. In today’s world, advertisements are projected everywhere. Advertisements are used to sell or promote goods or services. These promotional pieces can be found in magazines, on billboards, and sometimes even in bathroom stalls. In the “March 2018 Double Issue of Good Housekeeping CMG 08354”, advertisements line about one quarter of the total pages. Many of these advertisements found throughout this magazine are focused on cleaning, children, age defying beauty products, and medicines. These advertisements help prove the idea that the target audience of this magazine are females of all cultures with ages ranging from forty-five to seventy years old. The financial state of the target audience is advertised as people in the upper middle class. The advertisement I chose to analyze is promoting Clorox cleaning products. This advertisement, produced by Clorox, shows a child around two years old laying on a floor. Under the child, various Clorox brand products are displayed.…show more content…
A company does not was to create an advertisement that is not effective, because in doing so, a lot of profit is lost. Therefore, taking in to account who the target audience for the medium the advertisement is going to be displayed on is very important. Planting appeals that will greater impact a target audience is quite important. Clorox did an excellent job in appealing to this audience, because the need to nurture and the need for safety fit into the lifestyles of forty-five to seventy-year-old women. The informal balance drew attention to the cleaning products and away from the baby to help bring another factor into play as well. All in all, this advertisement effectively appealed to the target audience of culturally diverse women from the ages of forty-five to seventy years of age that reside in the upper middle class of the economic
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