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Because this is my first informal feature piece I write in ninth grade honors literature, I think you should know where I stand on a variety of issues. I have a variety of qualities and things I strongly believe in. Many of the things I believe in I have come quite fond of and some I could not care about. My informal feature piece will help you, the reader understand more about me. I am full of a variety of qualities that express myself. I am a person who is proficient in sports and physical exercise, so I consider myself very athletic. Creativity is the use of imagination and creation of original ideas and I feel that creativity represents my personality. I love to write short stories that are out the box and creating new purposes for old, worn out things. I am also very confident in my writing and creations because it’s something I like to do. Leading is a passion of mine. I love to lead people to the conclusion whether it be one person, a group, an organization, or a community because I feel I have a great quality of leadership and love to help people who need my aid. I am very hopeful and confident about my future…show more content…
My nearest family is one thing I am fond of. I have come to love, dislike, and respect each member of my family in their own special way. My best friend is so close to me that she is practically my sister. I love my best friend she keeps me strong and hopeful for the future. My cat, though it seems odd to include your pet into a graded essay, it just proves I love her so much. My pet, cat is what truly keeps me going. She makes me feel joyful when I’m sorrowful and cheerful when I’m disappointed. Lacrosse is by far my favorite sport and the activity I love most. I love how original the sport is and how enthusiastic it makes me. As weird as it may seem I am quite fond of school because of the different people you meet and the new things you can
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