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Lynsie and I went to Washington Irving Elementary School every Thursday this semester from 8:45 until 9:45 in the mornings. While at the school, we worked with a first-grade student named Reid.
The first two weeks at the school, we spent time getting to know Reid and testing him using the Informal Reading Inventory. We used this test to see what we needed to work on with him to help him master each area.
After we tested Reid and analyzed the information, we created lesson plans that addressed his needs and we picked out books that were at the appropriate reading level for him.
Each Thursday after we had finished testing, we had Reid read a Familiar Text while we took a running record. After we completed the familiar text section, we completed
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After we completed the guided reading section we worked with words. During our working with words lesson, Reid worked on both phonics and sight words skills.
For phonics, we used clips cards and sorting as our main strategies. With these two strategies, we changed them around to meet the needs of the student. We used sorting for r-controlled vowels, identifying lowercase ‘b’ and ‘d’, and sorting vowel sounds. We used the clip cards for identifying blends and digraphs.
For our sight words, we used an advancing file folder where new words were added weekly and when he reached the end he received a prize (pencil). We also played a few games with sight words such as “go fish” and “snakes and ladders”.
We also implemented a writing lesson each week that was combined into our pre, during, post reading, phonics, or sight words.
For the last 5-10 minutes of each tutoring sessions, either Lynsie or I would read a story aloud to Reid. The story was at Reid’s listening comprehension level. The last week of tutoring, we retested Reid in the areas that he was weak in to see if our tutoring strategies had helped him to become a better

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