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Father (Carlos Galindo) fights for jobs sought after by many immigrants in order to support his son (Luis Galindo). Carlos’s determination and perseverance in caring for his son clearly defines his role as a loving father and his membership in the Mexican immigrant community. Every day immigrant workers show up to the same spot on the sidewalk and hope to be fortunate enough to get picked by contractors who need cheap labor. Carlos relies heavily on his membership in this microculture to make ends meet and provide the best possible life for him and his son. Without his son in his life, it seems likely that Carlos would not have the drive or motivation to keeping working even when he faces significant challenges. This is reinforced every time he tells his son Luis how much he loves him and cares about him throughout their little time together. Carlos Galindo is conflicted about purchasing a truck from his friend Blasco because he knows it will provide new opportunities for him and his son but he also knows that he has no driver’s license and he could risk losing everything. His conflicted state of mind reveals the high load of…show more content…
At times in the movie, there are other signs such as icon artwork displayed in his home and his physical/ emotional expressions that reveal the rich culture and religious identity of Carlos in his Catholic faith. His values of family and Catholicism are consistent with the common attributes of the Hispanic microculutre. Carlos’s faith in God and his love for his family give him strength to fight through his challenges to care for his son. His social identity is enriched by his religious and cultural background which makes him unique. In a country where God and Christian faith have been stripped and persecuted relentlessly, Carlos is not afraid to live out his faith fully and stand up for what he believes to be
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