Information And Communication Technology Advantages And Disadvantages

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ICT (Information and Communications Technology) is the way in which people communicate through technology be it via computers, televisions, radios etc. These mediums can be broken down into emails, instant messaging and advertisements to name a few. Although ICT is similar to IT (Information Technology), it is not to be mistaken for it. IT can also be used by the average person, however, it is mostly used by large companies. It is to do with the collecting, transferring and handling of data (Webopedia 2016). In this assignment, I plan to briefly discuss the history of ICT, different types of ICT, both the advantages and disadvantages of ICT in the modern world, how ICT is used in my vocational area and comment whether ICT has improved or unimproved…show more content…
Some of its advantages include it is convenient.It is a quick and cheap method to connect with people. Once you buy your device, it is free to communicate with anyone anywhere all in the click of a button. Education is also another major pro of ICT. With many students nowadays living in the Information Age, they are always on some sort of gadget. By using tablets or computers as a means to inform people, they are more likely to be interested in a subject and more engaged. It is also a great way to share files amongst classmates and teachers. Although there are some great advantages of ICT, there are also some bad disadvantages also. Communications technology can lead to cyberbullying. Online trolls are becoming more evident. They are sending anonymous hate messages daily. Furthermore, it can cause lack of face to face communication due to people becoming too comfortable chatting behind their screens. It can also lead to a rise in obesity especially in young people as they are nearly almost on a device and not getting the required daily amount of exercise of thirty…show more content…
Business people are using more advanced software such as Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel and many others to forecast, analyze and make plans which betters their business. Companies may also be using other types of communication technology such as video conferencing to contact clients or colleagues to hold digital

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