Information And Education: The Importance Of Information Literacy

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With increased development in the Information and communication technology which has led to globalization and other changes, competing favorably is mandatory. Additionally so many avenues of sharing knowledge have increased, necessitating for the questioning of the credibility of the source of information. Thus people are in constant need of being on top of all their activities. This way, the role of information literacy skills cannot be underemphasized. If you ask me, Information literacy skills are the heartbeat of lifelong learning or as I may put it in other words, general and holistic life. Since information literacy is all about knowing how to get information and apply it when need be, I believe this is the art of life that guides our day in day out activities since clearly these activities are informed by certain decisions, and how else would you make a decision, if you did not have information leave alone the right and quality information? To this end therefore, it makes information literacy such as an imperative prerequisite to lead any life, be it meaningful or lowlife. Additionally, lifelong learning entails being able to continually acquire education or basically information each and every day of one’s life. And there is no place that one cannot do this. Everywhere around us be it in Matatus, the social media, from grapevine, rumors, music, church, and politics, all these are avenues of learning. With the right skill set of information literacy, one is able to

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