Tesco: The Importance Of Information And Knowledge In Business

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In the organisation, the communication, information and knowledge are very important. The whole work gets done in the organisation be these things. So a manager has to manage these in an effective manner so that they can get the effective results. Every organisation have to get successes in the market. Without having a good communication, proper information and effective knowledge company can not get the successes in the market. But the Tesco is the big company in the market. They have already had get the successes in the market so they have to maintain that successes and they are making the higher goals that have to be achieved. Tesco also needed a good communication, effective information and effective knowledge. This report shows how…show more content…
They take all the information about the department and team performance then the manager has to be the knowledge of management through that they have to set the goal for the organisations. This both well helps in taking the decision of goal and mission in the organisation. Information and knowledge for operational decision: this decision has to be taken by the lower level management. Their manager has to know the information about the production work and the information about workers and there need for performing there effective. Knowledge should bee needed of the production and operations work. This information gives the give the analysis of the situation of the organisation and it well helps in rating the strength and weaknesses of the organisation. When Tesco know there strength and weakness then there well be easer to make the effective decision for the organisation. But the information is not only needed. The knowledge should be there of making the effective decision for the organisation growth. These are man thinks which help in making the organisation survive in the market because if the organisation well have appropriate information and knowledge then they well make a batter…show more content…
This is done by getting the file of the feedback form. This feedback form is filed by the human beanies how have consumed the product of the company. Or their view can get by the questionnaire. At the and there should be so remarked content. So it well gives the customers needs data. That fill is giving some information to the company. Customer service report: the feedback from shoe the satisfaction level of thereby consuming the product. The company have to provide some extra services like making of customer relation. The feedback form well gives the result that company is making the relations with the customers or not good or it good. By this we well get the information about the sales relationship if it is Strategy to improve personal networking not good then the company have to make it good. Sales record: Every organisation have to produce some product that has to be the sale into the market. The product is made for full filling the need of the customer through that company generate the profit. The product has to be a sale to the customers. Their records of sealing the product provide the data. This data well help in making the information abut the sales according to that records the company well decide the production of the product and see how much marketing is needed for sealing the product in the

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