Information Assignment In Information Business, And Information Technology

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INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT STUDENT NAME: MOHD.SIDI BIN ALI RAHMAN STUDENT ID: 1418572-BJ INTAKE CODE: FBIT 10114F PROGRAMM: FOUNDATION BUSINESS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MODULE CODE: PROG0101 MODULE TITLE: FUNDAMENTAL PROGRAMMING LECTURER: Data Of Submission: INTRODUCTION Computer is a programmable machine or electronic device. Memory unit stored the instruction that operate the computer. Computer can accept the data (input), manipulate the data to be process(process), produce the information or result(output) after the processing, and can store the result for the future use. The computer need an instruction to do some action and the instruction are given by the user to doing some task. The computer has three important stuff that in the computer which is hardware, operating system and software. To control the operations of computer equipment it needed the system software which is it consist of a programs. The instructions in the operating system tell the computer how to do or to perform the functions of storing, loading and executing an application program and how to transfer the data. The operating system is loaded into the computer memory from the auxiliary storage when the computer was turned on, it called booting. Nowadays most of the computer are using the operating system that has a graphical user interface (GUI). Furthermore to write the computer software, it needed a person to make the program which is also known as the programmer, computer programmer,
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