Information Communications Technology: The Impact Of Information Communication Technology

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occurred with the invention of the radio and its utilization for broadcasting of information from a central source to any and everywhere equipped with a radio receiving device. This is communication from one to many. By the beginning 1930s,almost all over the world radio broadcasting for information transmission over wide communities and areas had been established .From than onwards we could say that the information was becoming more and more electronic -based. In the 1950s began the transmission of picture along with voice for broadcasting .Television increasingly caught on. The black and white pictures were themselves a wonder ,but television became an arresting marvel with colour transmission . Now in these days a wide range of electronic communication technology which can bring about meaningful revolution and improvement information transmission are available .But in all of these radio is considered to be the most powerful medium of mass communication in India and the chief and cheap source of information. Radio broadcasting began in India in 1927,with two privately owned transmitters at Mumbai and Calcutta. In 1936 it was renamed All India Radio .Now AIR maintains proximately 384 channels and transmits in 24 different languages and dialects. There are also commercial (FM) and non commercial radio stations are ruining . Information Communication Technology: Information Communication Technology means correct information quickly communicate to many people with the help of
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