Information Literacy: Importance In Education

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2.0 Importance of Information Literacy 2.1 Students While researchers have explored how librarians influence in education purpose, it also essential to understand the important of information literacy for education especially for students. Since, many aspects can influence student development learning the information literacy need to highlight in order to help students implies critical thinking skills, have ability to evaluate and access information. According to Kuhlthau (2008), assumes that the purpose of library’s information literacy education is to develop student’s insight into the process of information handling and into how each of its phases connects. This is how that information literacy helps students to be self-directed and lifelong…show more content…
According to Kuhlthau (2008), as consequences information literacy is gaining a high profile as central to education. This dynamic concept extends basic reading, writing, and calculating skills for application in information and technologically rich environments. Hence, students need a good knowledge and experience from librarians for their education process by using library resources. This is because students must be able to use effectively information resources, regardless of formats. (Mohammad Fazli Baharuddin, Mohd Sharif Mohd Saad and Fuziah Mohd Nadzar, 2011) found that, from 200 questionnaires distributed, 157 questionnaires were returned and about 47.8% of the teachers were unsure about information literacy. Many respondents admitted that teacher-librarians have been performing the roles very well but they are unsure of the roles of the…show more content…
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