Information Literacy Outline

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The following paper is to provide an outline for an information literacy program aimed specifically at first year diploma students at university.


An information literacy program is designed to ensure that students at the university acquire the skills which include the understanding that there are many forms of information, acquiring the skills to locate the required information, evaluating the information and understanding the importance of academic integrity and referencing and then using that information to gain knowledge in their subject and discipline (Wiebe, 2016).


The diploma of higher education is a one year course designed to allow students to meet academic requirements to gain access into university (James Cook
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The framework is set of four principles and six standards and each principle and standard is reflected in an information literacy program to achieve desired outcomes for students. The principles pertains to independent learning and that information literate people are able to create knowledge through understanding and information literate people know how to use information can search for information and have a commitment to lifelong learning and knowledge seeking (Bundy, 2004).
The six standards of information literacy create the basis for information literacy applications and establish an information literate person (Bundy,
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The second standard is regarding locating the required information and applying searching techniques to locate information effectivity, this requires students to develop strategies for searching and select sources of information that best answer their information need (Bundy, 2004). The third standard relates to the evaluation of the information and the sources found, which enables students to determine if the information or resource they have located is a quality source, if the resource is accurate and reliable (Bundy, 2004). Managing information is the basis of the fourth standard, for students it incorporates how they record and arrange and organise the information they find (Bundy, 2004). Standard five entails sharing information and using information to create knowledge, for students this means that they can use the information skills they have learnt in one subject or course and then apply those skills in other subjects or in other aspects of their academic learning (Bundy, 2004). The final standard applied to using the information culturally and ethically and acknowledging the source of the information, for students this applies to referencing and citing and
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