Complexity In Information Society

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The purification process of traditional approaches, on the bases of separation between nature and society, subject and object, limits the complexity, variability, particularity and specificity of the world. When the society is turning more and more modern, where people would discover that people and objects, society and technology are more and more immersed to each other, the dualism of philosophy of science would no longer explain issue of today.
ANT not simply provide another angle for us to observe science, but in deeply in mind, it breaks the distinctiveness of society and nature. Latour was once said in his book that, “All things in the world are hybrid from other two things”. In perspective of ANT, all actors are the result of network from actants.

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Issues are no longer solely examine in social or technical perspectives. I would like to examine how ANT fits in the complexity of world issues, regarding to a research about information society, with ANT as the answer for it.
In the interpretation of information society, is usually done by ‘blackboxing’ technology or society side, which only one side is used to illustrate and examine. This would cause conflict between reality of fragmentation of human identity or artifact function, and the promise of integration in the information society. In this case, information society is issue that society and technology factors are interrelated to each other, where in order to eliminate the dilemma of “technology society” dichotomy, non-human actor suggested by the ANT is needed to be introduced. And in the regarding research, the use of cellphone by migrant workers are proof of the effectiveness of
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