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Hilton Hotel world’s largest and fastest growing hospitality company with 4200 hotels with 690,000 rooms in 93 countries. First Hilton hotel was founded in US by Mr Conrad Hilton in 1919, since their bingeing they are growing continuously and innovate new product to serve best to their customers. Hilton hotels also are the first hotel who installs television in the guest room in 1947, and in 1948 they become the first hotel who introduces multi hotel reservation system. They also establish centralised reservation service by using computer technology. Today they have more than 30000 team members who serve worldwide and they also have around 40 million members in their award winning customer loyalty program.
(Source- Hilton Hotels Web, ONLINE)
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The hotels system ensure that an appropriate data is collected from the various sources, processed, and sent further to all the needy destinations for example guest room reservation in hotel to confirm reservation. Main role of the MIS plays the role of information generating, communicating, problem identifying and help in the process of decision making in Hilton Hotels. It’s also help to evaluate their business and understand their competitor market, customer need and demands. E- Business major refers to promote their business and promote their special products in the…show more content…
Electronic channels allow the traditional sales event via an internet webcast, which provides streaming videos, various website images and audio of sales events as it is show in the physical environment. Electronic channels are play essential part in buying process specially in hospitality industry they have very competitive environment and every consumer always use these channels in their buying process. These channels help to make sure about the product of the organisation.
Hilton hotels are a world one of the best and much respected brand with recognised as a top selling and customer focused organisation. They are operating their business in 42 languages serving more than 25000 customers in 93 countries with their 34 major regional offices around the world with more than 700 sales team members (Hilton worldwide sales ONLINE)
Hilton Hotels also play very important role in their online services and always connect with their customer worldwide. They establish Global Online Services team with advance technologies, global scale and key partnerships always trying to maximise revenue, drive demand and build strong customer relationship. Finally they are success in growing market shares across the entire portfolio of Hilton

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