Information System Strategy Analysis

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Information system strategy is a mixture of software and hardware that is integrated by different means to help the organisation plan, control, coordinate, and take decisions in accordance with the need of organisational strategies. In the current era of technological advancement, information system strategy influence the business pattern of different working sector, however, companies related to online business are majorly influenced by information system in regards of the formulation and implementation of their strategies.
The research papers aims to highlight information system strategy in regards of Learn2Drive that is an emerging online company in the UK. It intent to evaluate a detailed strategic analysis by means of PESTLE analysis
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The idea behind the online start-up is to facilitate new driving learners to search for high quality learning services and expert driving instructor online on the main domain of the company. It is important for the company to focus on their strengths and weakness by means of business model. It assist in highlighting its key activities, value proposition, consumer relationship channels, key resources and stakeholders, key marketing concepts, cost structure, and revenue streams by means of business model canvas in order to highlight all the important details regarding the company within a table. The model will help the company to use the highlighted details to select, formulate, and implement appropriate business strategy and information models that would help the company to achieve their goals and objectives and spread their business all over the country. The main potentials of the company are based on their business objectives, goals and objectives, services, partners, key activities and others. It is important to discuss these potentials of the company before evaluating or proposing its information strategy that would further help the company to increase their profits and increase their business range (Osterwalder & Pigneur,…show more content…
There are many analytical tools like PESTLE, Porter’s five forces, SWOT, STEEPLE and others that help the company to highlight factors associated with tool individually in regards of the internal and external factors. The evaluation would help the company to formulate their working strategy by means of these factors to avoid any hurdle within its working. For the respective study, it is important to conduct PESTLE analysis and Porter’s five forces so is to outline the associate factors (Abraham,

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