Information Technology In Accounting Essay

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CHAPTER 01 Research problem This chapter presents introduction of the study and its background, statement of the problem the significant of the study, scope & delimitation of definition term. 1.1 prelude of the report Project paper is one of the most important parts of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programmed offered by Department of business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration. Being a course requirement, I was assigned to do my project report on “effect on information technology in accounting system. In today’s world education is not limited to academic book & classrooms. Now-a- days education is understanding the real world & applying the academic knowledge and skill for the betterment of the society. To do project report is such a way that helps to apply the knowledge of the courses in a practical field. This is the opportunity to understanding the different aspect of education. University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) has mission to produce world - class graduates within the local…show more content…
It technique words or discloser about the way things are gain. Technology is a knowledge devoted to crating tools, processing, actions, and extracting of materials. In our daily life we use technology in various ways. We use technology to extend our ability. 3. Information technology Since we live in the “modern age” Information technology has become a part of our everyday lives. That means the term “Information technology” already highly over used in our daily life. Information technology is known as “Information communication technology” and it’s pronounced “IT”. The world has become “global village” due to advancement of Information technology. Information technology is used in computer & software to manage information. In a general term it used in application to create, storage, networking, retrieve, transmit, exchange, manipulate data and use information in various forms. 4. Accounting information
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