Managing Business Organizations Case Study

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Q1.How information technology applications can help in better manage business organizations? Information technology contribute in many aspect in our lives. Information technology help the managers in managing an organizations in many different ways. So many companies use the information technology to advertise their services and products. E-commerce help the companies to deliver their services and products to the customer in their homes. E-commerce also helped many companies to increase their profit. Technologies have made the business life easier. The growth of the internet made the communication between people in companies much easier. Before we have an e-mail, we used to send letters to each other, now it have provide for us not only to…show more content…
Entrepreneurs are always trying change or introduce new products or services. Entrepreneurs usually have nothing to start with only their idea and then organize the necessary requirement to transform that idea into a business. People will start their business from the scratch. Many people are afraid that they will lose everything and especially the risk they are putting themselves into. Not necessarily every entrepreneurs can be successful to manage a new business. It require a specific skill to manage a small business. Entrepreneurs should be willing to take a risk to build a new business to introduce their new idea. They are always confidence that they will success and they never give until they reach their goal. A new business will always face competitors in the market, which is very difficult to compete with business who are very well known between people. Entrepreneurs should be competitive enough to guarantee the success of its business. Entrepreneurs should always have a plan which include future plans and what is their next step to develop their ideas. Receiving feedback from other people to know how they are doing and always looking for reinforcement. Entrepreneurship is a skill, not a trait, which mean we can learn it from…show more content…
Usually managers doesn`t have a full knowledge about everything and they also have a very limited time, so they try to apply the effective delegation. Delegation is the process of giving authority to a lower level employee which allows an employee to make a decisions. There is a difference between delegation and participation. In participation the decision making is shared. In delegation, employees have the authority to make a decision by themselves. For the process to be successful the employee should be provided with resources that is needed for the success of the process. When the manager empower the employee to make a decision about a specific task, it will make the employee responsible for the success or the failure of the task. Effective delegation can benefit not only to managers, it also benefit the employees, and also to the organization. Delegation can help to improve the production of the company. Employee will be more devoted to accomplish the task and do better job because he/she feel a personal accountability for the outcome. It also help the managers to have more time to do other jobs and Assign task to the employee who may have more direct knowledge about the product or the service. Delegate will help the organization to operate more effectively and will improve the quality of the product and the

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