Information Technology Problems

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A research problem Today, information technology has a role to perform the daily life of human beings on every side, until barely a part of human life to that has it, and every day the technology is developed, the more progress even more relentless. Technology permitting, for humans in many ways. Whether it is a communication. Transportations Humans can make contact with each other across the continent using less than a minute. There are also educational, medical, etc., but at the same time technology, it may cause grave punishment if a human put it to use. Abuse such as theft, smuggling information to the Bank 's data change, or hospital. The creation of nuclear bombs, missiles and various, these pose a serious penalty. Cause the loss of life and property, as many problems, which, as ever, are experiencing. Come then, so will see how information technology is still associated with the lives of human beings, as long as we still have to rely on technology, but human impacts are caused to the human good is evil much depends on humans, which is the inventor and leading information technology used celebrities. The impact of technology on both the good and the waste. Why this problem is significantly important. This problem is significantly important. because Technology may cause the serious penalty if the man had used them in the wrong way, such as identity theft. Unauthorized modification of data banks or hospitals. Creating various missiles and nuclear bombs. All these pose a
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