Informatics Impact On Healthcare

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The Impact of Informatics on Healthcare Technology has impacted health care in ways that will allow the practicing professional to deliver the best care that is relevant to patients today. As new technology continues to emerge, and as healthcare professionals (HCP) continue to utilize the current research available, it will become safer to manage and apply advanced health care for patients today that was not available previously. Also, centralizing patient data will allow the (HCP) to see an extensive view of the patient profile that will help to deliver quality, safe and cost-effective care.
Technology has an impact on the safe delivery of care. Safety has always been in the forefront in managing patient care, especially when administering
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Low-dose spiral computed tomography (LDCT) is one advancement. Computed Tomography Scan (LDCT) and Magnetic Resonance Imagery (MRI) technology have contributed to improving the quality of patient of patient outcomes. Before CT or MRI technology, the use of X-ray was the only way of diagnosing lung cancer in patients. Early diagnosis and treatment are important factors in preventing mortality, and with the use of (LDCT), there are more accurate diagnosis and therefore less mortality. “When low-dose spiral computed tomography is used to screen lung cancer patients, there is a 20% decrease in mortality.” (Infante et al., 2015, p. 2). With the significant advancement in technology and treatment, there is better quality and better patient…show more content…
The Electronic Health Record (EHR) has been, this nurse believes, the turning point in the delivery of advanced patient care. This technology allows for efficient use in streamlining data, and collaboration of care, and the way we communicate. Personal Data Assistant’s (PDA’s), smartphones, and tablets help to simplify technology, placing the patient data in the hands of the HCP that gives the advantage to see a complete picture. The EHR has impacted the way we deliver care. There is access to the record from anywhere, always. It helps to keep accuracy in treating patients. An example is a patient who saw an allergy specialist miscommunicated to the primary care physician what took place at the visit, and what medications. The primary care doctor was able to access the EHR to review the allergist notes to see what transpired, this is important for effecient

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