Information Technology: The Impact Of Informatics On Healthcare

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The Impact of Informatics on Healthcare Technology has impacted health care in ways that will allow the practicing professional to deliver the best care that is relevant to patients today. As new technology continues to emerge, and as healthcare professionals (HCP) continue to utilize the current research available, it will become safer to manage and apply advanced health care for patients today that was not available previously. Also, centralizing patient data will allow the (HCP) to see an extensive view of the patient profile that will help to deliver quality, safe and cost-effective care. Technology has an impact on the safe delivery of care. Safety has always been in the forefront in managing patient care, especially when administering medications. Technology has made this a more reliable industry because it can compile information more accurately than a human can. For example, multiple drugs that can cause adverse interactions would take an (HCP) time to look up each medication, as well as synthesize the information and apply it to each patient. Valuable time is taken time away from the patient and leaves room for human error. An example of technology impacting safe care in the healthcare industry is Bar-Code technology. “This type of technology brings key changes to the way that nurses use to deliver medication.” (Gann, 2015, p. 1). From the time a patient arrives at a hospital a bar-coded bracelet is put on, the Technology removes most of the human error, when

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