Informational Interview Reflection

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The following paper will attempt to analyze and dissect several key factors of what took place during my informational interview. I will be covering a list of topics that will include evaluating what took place during the interview, things that I did well, and objectives that could have been covered better. Additionally, I will cover the good and bad interview skills I learned throughout this course exercise. Lastly, I will include within my paper the aspects I learned when it comes with dealing with teamwork functions and how losing one person greatly affects the outcome of an assignment. During this interview I fill like I did several things well. The two things that stood out to me the most was my ability to listen analytically and my ability …show more content…

From myself, I learned that being confident with your ability to communicate will help you during times of frustration. During one episode when I lost track of thoughts, I simply told myself I could do this and quickly gathered my thoughts and carried on with the interview as if nothing went wrong. On another occasion, I did not understand an answer to one of my questions, and I simply asked for clarification. I would have normally dismissed this and carried on the conversation with a lack of detail that was needed for a true assessment of who the person truly is. Another experience I learned was from a fellow student. She did a tremendous job taking notes, asking questions, asking follow up questions, and making eye contact throughout the duration of the interview. During her interview with me, she was able to get a true understanding of what I did for a living while serving the Marines, even though it is a complicated career to described due to the multilayered job details. For instance, she figured out that my basic job was not performed while I served in Afghanistan and Iraq due to the fact that neither of those countries have an air

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