Informational Text In Literature

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Informational text is related to and characterized by facts about something that is true and real, it is something that really occurred or happened. Literature includes fake facts but, informational text uses real facts. So, literature includes made up characters that are fake, and informational text includes the actual real people who lived in the past. In literature the purpose is to entertain and engage the readers and the informational is to inform and educate the readers. Another difference is that the tone in literature can take several tones, and it has different word choices and in information text it has a more formal tone and the word choices are elevated. Both of them have many differences, and they both are meant to be read in different ways. Learning history through literature is different than learning through informational text because, of the information accuracy, the author’s purpose, and the different perspectives. The historical text “Children in the Civil War" by Ray Bradbury and the informational text "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh" by Patricia D. Netzley both talk about people being in a war. Fact vs. fiction plays a role in how we learn history from both texts. In fictional stories authors include false information but nonfiction stories include real facts with real information. The text states that, "George S. Lamkin of Mississippi joined an artillery battery at the age of eleven and was seriously wounded at Shiloh"(Netzly). This talks about a specific
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