Albrecht Durer: Renaissance Artist

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Children 's Book Task 2: Informative Essay Did you know that Albrecht Durer is known as the greatest German Renaissance artist? His art was influenced by Italian art and he 's very admired in Italy. He 's also famous for his woodcuts like The Knight , Death and the Devil. His self-portraits at the age of 13, and 28. He 's also famous for his engravings for example The Madonna with the monkey and his paintings like Adam and Eve. Durer was not only a artist but an author of many books like Memoirs of Journeys to Venice and the Low Countries. While you read this you 'll learn about Durer 's early life, career, contributions, and what life would be if he never existed. Albrecht Durer was born May 21, 1471 in Nuremberg, this was one of the most…show more content…
Throughout his year here from 1494-1495 he went to Venice to study more of Italy 's “advanced artistic worlds.” There he made a lot of watercoloring landscape pictures. This first trip to Italy changed and influenced his art so much, in his drawings, painting and many of his woodcuts like The Four Witches (1497), The Sea Monster (1498), Adam and Eve (1504), and The Large Horse (1505). Durer 's second journey to Italy that was 10 years later after he had opened his own workshop in 1495, where he made many of his woodcut and In 1509 he had a house which stands today as a museum. He had made some of his best work in Nuremberg like his famous Series of Sixteen Great Designs for the Apocalypse (1498). Durer spent a few years in Italy again from 1505- 1507 this time he made portraits and altarpieces. He again stayed mainly in Venice Italy. Here he made the Paumgartner Altarpiece. It 's a early triptych painting; which is a painting that is divided into three sections. In 1507 he was highly respected and his art was being copied. He also got a commission from the church of San Bartolome, the emigrant German community in…show more content…
Maximilian I ; who was the king of Romans also known as “King of the Germans” , enlisted him into his service. Working mainly for the emperor Durer had a part in the the Triumphal Arch; largest prints ever produced, It is 192 separate blocks. He was also part of a series of three huge prints created for Maximilian. Durer had worked on lithography; which is a prayer-book and he made several portraits of Maximian. Durer had traveled to many places but another major place he visited was the Netherlands. After Maximilian’s death in 1519, Durer was losing his artistic skill to what was thought to be arthritis; which is disorder that affects joints, mainly joint pain and stiffness. He was trying to renew the paycheck he was no longer getting from Maximilian. Since there was a new emperor, Charles V, Durer needed to build a relationship with him to keep his financing. Him and his wife went to Antwerp where he made many of his silverpoint and chalk and charcoal drawings. Durer wrote many of his diaries where he either exchanged or sold them for money. A year later in 1521 he got the money he went

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