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As we go about our everyday business, we are using, wearing, and selling things that have had a long journey through countries that many of us have never been to or thought of. For instance, many of us have over ten items on us right now that originate from a country other than the United States. Whether it be made in China, Indonesia, Mexico, or Canada everything we have comes with a story. Many of these countries have little to no labor laws, restrictions, unions, taxes, or just flat out regulation. This is the reason so many of our goods are imported into the United States because the taxes and laws we have here make it so much easier and smarter for companies to send their business elsewhere. Many of us do not recognize what we are using every day and where it comes from, but I am hoping that after researching my artifacts I gain more knowledge about them and their origin.
My first artifact is a pair Jordan shoes, they are a low-cut shoe mainly designed for basketball, but what some may know is that they are very collectible and profitable item. The
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This necklace came from where everything else comes from: China. While there are no diamonds or anything of extreme value, there is intricate detail while being made of stainless steel. While I did research on this item I couldn’t find any exact details on where it was made, however I did learn that China has a very large market of jewelry making just like many other goods. In an article from, China has been creating jewelry for thousands of years and can be traced back in time through archeological evidence. The jewelry making industry brings China the equivalent of 66 billion dollars a year in sales, which is highest of any country in the world. While China leads the world in many manufacturing categories, we cannot forget how beautiful and important the country

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