Informative Essay About Child Soldiers

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Adolescents who are forced to be in combat have the most destructive beginnings to their childhood. Throughout history children have been used as weapons not only to kill, but also to psychologically injure their enemies. Child soldiers are taught militant ways of life, to follow orders without question. The key to their survival is to follow all their duties. If child soldiers disobey, they will be killed by their “comrades”. Children are misused in this way because their trust is gained quickly and they are manipulated effortlessly. Child soldiers are forced to live the most abrasive conditions throughout their childhood. The use of child soldiers has been becoming a large epidemic in the world today since the use of them is steadily increasing; those rescued are emotionally damaged resulting in a hard time transitioning back into a normal civilian. The start of becoming a child soldier is one of the most arduous transitions to have to deal with. Children are taken from their families and even forced to kill their parents to insure that they have nothing else to come back to; called cutting ties, which makes it easier for their commanders to force them to do unwanted actions (“Child Soldiers”). Child soldiers can either be a boy or…show more content…
Child soldiers are said to be less demanding than adults and more effective in times of combat (“Child Soldiers”). The child soldiers are considered to be an “advanced” troop in ambush attacks since they are easily replaceable by their commanders (“Child Soldiers”). The Child soldiers that don’t have enough courage to go out into battles are sent out into warfare high on drugs to feel confident and brave in themselves (“Children of Conflict”). Meanwhile the smallest boys are put closest to the enemies since they are know to be fearless of death itself (“Children of
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