Informative Essay About Chocolate

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I. Introduction

Chocolate is an essential and lovable treat for children and adults. Of course, without this wonderful and delicious treat our childhood and our most sad and happy moments won’t be complete. But have you ever wondered how chocolate was discovered and who discovered it? How many types of chocolate exist?

A. Background Information:

Chocolate is the umbrella name for many foods that are derived from cocoa (Cacao). An interesting fact about Cacao is that if fat is added to it (i.e. cacao butter) and finely powdered sugar it’ll create a solid form. The cacao beans products which are the main components of making chocolate are known under different names in different parts of the world. For example, in the American chocolate industry the fatty extract of the chocolate bean is called Cacao Butter (Wikipedia, 2015).

B. Thesis Statement:

The purpose of this term paper is to illustrates the history of chocolate and state the different types of chocolate.

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European History:

In the 16th century, the popular drink from the Central and South American people was introduced to Europeans. On August 15, 1502, Christopher Columbus has encountered the cacao bean on his 4th mission to the new world. Christopher and his crew seized a large native canoe that had important goods for trade and the famous cacao beans. His son Ferdinand has noticed that the natives value the cacao beans a lot so he took interest in it and told his father about it. However, when Columbus brought cacao beans with him back to Spain, it did not get popular or known until Spanish Friars introduced Chocolate to the Spanish court (Wikipedia, 2015). After Spain got a hold of Aztecs by conquering it, chocolate was imported to Europe. There, it became a court favorite drink. But, the Spanish added sugar or honey to contrast the bitterness of the chocolate. It took Chocolate to be well known in Europe about a hundreds of years (Wikipedia, 2015).

III. Types of
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