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A fisherman is defined as any person who fishes for either a profit or pleasure, but being a fisherman means much more than that. It is a way of life, and it is a practice that takes place in cultures all around the world. Depending on where one lives, fishing is either viewed as a necessity for survival, or it can be considered a sport. In some places, it is also viewed as a hobby. In some cultures, it can be considered a great stress reliever after a long, hard day at work. Since fishing is such a broad subject, I would like to narrow my focus on recreational fishing (in a boat) in south Louisiana.
To be able to understand fishing, and what it truly means to be a fisherman, we must first know where this practice originated from and some of its history. Fishing can be traced back to ancient times, when the first fisherman took a piece of a bone or rock and tied it to a piece of string made up of animal or plant material. Then, the fisherman attached a piece of bait to it, and eventually, he caught his very first fish by “fishing” (Perti). One can argue that the first fishermen were spear
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A fisherman is just an ordinary person. There is nothing special about him where looks are concerned. To be a true fisherman, one must love being on the water so much that he thinks about it constantly. It is about having fun with friends and bonding over something they truly love. Another element that makes one a true fisherman is the respect he has for nature. One should respect the limits Mother Nature puts on him, and not overfish. Finally, the most important quality a fisherman has is sportsmanship and respect for others. Overall, as one can clearly see, being a fisherman is just more than being able to fish. Anyone can fish, but it takes a lot more to be a fisherman. I truly admire this group of people and what they do for their
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