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Whenever a lot of golfers are having problems with their performance and they are trying to dissect where those problems are starting from, they generally look at their golf swings again and again and tend to forget to think about the golf club grip at all. Certainly, the swing movement tends to cause a lot of troubles with our handicap, yet the grip is extremely disregarded, and it turns out that many troubles could be solved through small corrections on the grip. The goal of this informative article is to provide you with some great golf grip tips to help your game increase to a higher level.

To begin with, it's very important to ensure that you are choosing an overlap or interlock style golf club grip. This might sound apparent, however, many golf players have trouble with feeling comfy when using the interlock or overlap golf grip and go back again to the 10 finger grip, and it will only bring about more problems. It's ok to have various grips when chipping as well as putting, but for the long game I strongly suggest the overlap or interlock grips. They allow for extra energy plus total control and feel.
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For right handed golfers, your left hand is critical for figuring out the shape of the ball flight. Turning the left hand a little in the direction of your right (back) foot to enable you to discover more of your knuckles can cause your grip for being more powerful. The tendency would be to pull or hook the golf ball with this type of grip. In the same manner, with the left hand turned more to the left (front) foot you are able to strike more of a fade or slice. The right hand is really important for ball flight too. Just by changing the right hand towards the front foot it is possible to open up the clubface a little and make a fade, whereas by flipping it towards your back foot can cause you to hit a

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