Informative Essay About Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking as well as slave labor are not a joking matter. Each day humans like you and I are stripped from their houses. Some are set out to work with farms, others, in factories. Sex slaves are people, mostly women and children who are forced to do sexual acts with their predator. People are commanded, as well as being controlled to work either by being terrified, or fake love. There are other reasons as well, but those ones are the big ones. One of the most widely spread influences in business today is Human trafficking. Close to our homes people are being taken. Sadly, we may even know someone who is doing the taking of other people. People have been seriously injured or even caused death by traffickers due to their harsh conditions.…show more content…
Those numbers, of foreigners also include children, not only men and women. People have begun to set up organizations to stop human trafficking. In 2004 a large sex ring was busted, when rescuers got inside, 25 enslaved women were freed. All around people, men and women were rejoicing. Often victims of human trafficking don't ever come back home. They are often either left somewhere with no food, water or money. Or they are either killed. In an article I read, there was a letter from an official government worker and he said, "10 children of color went missing from our nation's capital in two weeks and it got very little media…show more content…
Many places around the world have Sex trafficking, but you just don't know it. Here in Idaho in the months of December-January two major announcements were made. Idaho made its first arrest of a Sex trafficking criminal. The man, Michael Wade will be spending 20 years of his life in the federal jail for sexually enslaving a 15 year old girl. Sex trafficking and human trafficking in general is a strange topic that could never happen, or that is what we like to think. People are sexually abused every single day, some even in our cities, close to our homes. Men, women and children alike. Most people who are forced into slave labor often work as prostitutes or domestic
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