Informative Essay About Sexism

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Sexism, throughout the past century, is a growing controversial argument between people. Unfortunately, it is still a debatable event among groups of people no matter what their tendencies are. Most gender discriminations relate sexism to women highlighting on the treatment of women throughout history up to our recent days. On the other hand, not only there are few people who see it from the opposing perspective where men are exposed to sexism, but also few people believe that men are experiencing sexism either directly or indirectly.
“When Men Experience Sexism,” by Noah Berlatsky (2013), The Atlantic, the opposing perspective was definitely stated. The informative article discusses sexism and gender discrimination against men. This article proves that men are victims of sexism where in contrast, people see it as a
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Throughout the examples of sexism toward men, he is trying to prove for the readers his point , in which I agree with, which is the gender discrimination against men is as much important as it is not obvious. People’s apathy and lack of interest about men sexism stimulate Berlatsky to describe men’s injustice situations. Noah Berlatsky edits this article from a book and this reflects his personality as an educated person and likes to look at the issues from another perspective. What I realized that Berlatsky is being biased against women accomplishment in the prevalence of women discrimination controversy. Thus, he fires up men feelings in order to demand for a fair treatment when he says “If men can learn from them, it will be everyone’s benefit.” However, Berlatsky brings about change when he discusses men sexism issue which is an incurious discourse in our daily basis. I recognize that stereotype idea is a weak discussion to support the author’s point of view because Kuwait or the Islamic countries have an ideological commitment against this
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