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Surfing is an exciting and casual sport that is performed by using a surfboard to ride breaking waves towards the shore. Typically, this is done on a beach. New advances in technology have now made it possible to surf on land with the help of a wave pool. When you think of surfing, California, Australia, and Hawaii tend to pop into people's minds. Though surfing is big in all three of these places, it is a fun activity that is practiced all over the world. Something to keep in mind that while surfing is a fun sport, it is also quite dangerous. The ocean is one of mother nature's wonders and is extremely hard to predict. Now that you are informed on what surfing is and have a generalized knowledge of it, it is finally time to get started.
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Putting on your wetsuit prior to getting on the beach is recommended because having sand in your wetsuit is not a pleasurable experience. Next, locate a beach that is surfer friendly, meaning the beach allows surfing and the waves are not too big or too small. An optimal beach for surfing would be a flat beach with small waves. It is also recommended that you go to a beach with little to no people, so you can ride waves without having to worry about people being in your way. Once dressed and ready, grab your surfboard and make your way to the…show more content…
One must just hop back on your board, paddle and keep trying. Surfing is not something that you can master within your first couple tries, but if you keep trying it will get easier and easier. Some people can figure surfing out in one afternoon and others figure it out in a couple weeks. When you get the hang of surfing, you can ride all the waves you want and stay in the ocean all day. Surfing is a fun pastime and enjoyed by many. It is very important to keep in mind that although surfing is a fun past time, it is also very dangerous. The ocean is a very unpredictable place, and it is very important that you take every precaution to stay

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