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So what do you do for Thanksgiving . For my normal thanksgiving I stay with family, and stay local mostly all the time . I go to my grandma's house in Demotte. Every time we leave 45min to 1 hr to help put up tables. My family has to help grandpa because we have a big family to come all to a little house. Where i see all of my mom's family but not my dads , they live in Tennessee. We go down there as a family probably once every 3 years. So I do travel for rilly all of the holidays. For only thanksgiving do we really stay home for the one holiday. We are not traveling for the holiday because of all of our family in Tennessee don't really celebrate the holiday. Thanksgiving is a busy time in tennessee because it is bare season and rat coon…show more content…
So really we only do this because we get out of helping do the dishes and clean up the gorge.. But we come in normandy and help because grandpa will not ask for help because he just retired and still don't want to give up of working. Now probably if we stayed out there and played sports we would get yelled at to come help clean because we have a lot to clean and a lot of tables to seat people. When we have to clean up their are so many mom you don't know which one to listen to so you have to decide which one will yell at me the most So what do I do for thanksgiving. For thanksgiving i stay local. I go to my grandma's house, with family. I see really all of my mom's family their, all of parents. Before lunch we play outside and play basketball or football in the back yard. Then we go inside to eat then turnaround and drink all of grandpa's coffee and donuts he sets aside for later , but eventually we the grandchildren find them. After that all of us kids go down stairs and play games till our parents tell us we are leaving , but before we leave grandam gives away really all of the good leftovers to eat the filing day because really she does not want all of that food in her
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