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Did you know Tom brady is one of the best quarterbacks ever with the most super bowl starts ever? Tom Brady has had a super interesting life and a very interesting career playing football.Tom Brady has a very fun and eventful career.Also Tom brady has a pretty well rounded family. Another thing about Tom is that he had a good time at college.
Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr also known as Tom Brady Was born in San Mateo california, in August 3 1977. By the father named Tom Brady Sr and the mother Galynn Patricia Brady (”Biography Tom Brady”). Also Tom was not the only child with 3 sisters Maureen Brady, Nancy Brady, and Julie Brady. But Tom was sadly the only boy born among his siblings. After Tom grew up to the person we know today has had …show more content…

Even tho he is an amazing player tom was a 6th round draft to the New England Patriots(“Tom Brady Britannica”) .Tom was the backup to Drew Bledsoe but in 2001 Drew Bledsoe was injured so Tom was in the game after that game everyone realized really how good he was and how great of a leader he really was. Over Drew 's recovery Tom shined as the starting QB. When Drew got better it was a big thing to know who was going to start that game. Tom ending up strating that game and has started ever since. As Tom going into the starting role shortly after brought his team to the 2002 xxxvi super bowl down in New Orleans. Tom and his team played very well against the St.louis Rams and securing the victory. Tom getting his first ever Super Bowl ring and his first ever Super Bowl MVP.Shortly after Tom and his team go undefeated all the way to another super bowl winning that super bowl Tom signs a 6 year contract but as the season starts they still a plowing through the teams until October 31. When the patriots are on the longest win streak in NFL history.The pittsburgh Steelers were the ones to end it but didn’t go to the super bowl that season.But in that season Tom got one of his PR and a NFL record of 5,235 passing yards to only tie with Drew brees.Also in 2007 Tom threw the most touchdown passes but was later broken . But two years after his last super bowl win Tom gets another one and now has 12-4 regular season average and creating one of the biggest super bowl attendances! Tom playing along time but later loses 2 superbowls too the New York Giants. But in 2015 Tom was victorious against the seattle seahawks. That was tom 's 4th super bowl win and his 6 super bowl start (”Biography Tom Brady”). Another cool thing about Tom is that he is the best QB in the NFL at the moment after peyton manning retirement. But tom is qualified for the best ever in the QB

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