Informative Essay About Wrestling

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There are many different types of sports all over the world. To differentiate people into two categories, there are those who like to play them and those who like to watch them. Sports are very healthy for you and can help prevent many diseases or illnesses later in life. For example, wrestling is a sport that will keep you healthy and fit. In fact, wrestling is one of the most well-known and oldest sports that will teach you self defense. Wrestling also brings out what may be kept inside of you like self confidence and mental toughness. Wrestling is a healthy sport for your body. It targets all the major groups of muscles and into your core. A body of a wrestler develops both functional and cardiovascular endurance which helps supply oxygen to your heart. To stay healthy, a wrestler usually eats light and drinks plenty of water. So in other words, wrestlers are the best at losing weight. Not only can wrestlers lose weight easily,…show more content…
The more you wrestle, the more you 'll feel confident even before a match. You won 't be afraid of your opponent because you have developed mental confidence. Your mental response also has a faster response when you are in a critical and immediate situation. In a match, your brain is forced to remember the moves you 've learned. You also develop the mental skills to never give up. In conclusion, wrestling can be a huge benefactor in later life. Wrestling will always keep you healthy and help maintain good body form. Aside from the benefits of getting ripped abs, you won 't have to worry about someone hurting you because you can defend yourself. But at the same time, wrestling will help you in life. Wrestling will always help you develop self-confidence and mental toughness whenever you come across an obstacle. These few reasons are why I personally wrestle and I believe that if you would like to develop self-control, mental toughness, and confidence, wrestling is a sport to
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