Informative Essay: College Is Very Much Worth It

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Some people say there is no need for the thousands of dollars wasted in college, others say college is the key element to success. Many people don't think that college is necessary, but is that really true? College has a tremendous value when one is looking to be successful.The value of a college education is extremely valuable and necessary for someone who would like to prosper in life. A college education, from the moment you graduate you’ll see that it will definitely give you more beneficial options. In the article, “Actually, College Is Very Much Worth It” by Andrew J. Rotherham the author states“The data makes clear that getting a college education is still a good idea- college graduates earn more, and are likely to have a job in the first place.”(Rotherham, 79) This quote shows that a college education will help you gain a job once you graduate with a college degree. If you…show more content…
“College graduates are also more likely to be in jobs with better benefits, further widening the divide.”.(Rotherham, 79). This states that a college education not only has the advantage of giving you a good stable job, but the job you get from your education may also provide great benefits that will help you and your family both economically and medically. College will also help gain much more than just wealth, it’ll also help you to grow to be more mature and responsible and to reach your life goals. There are plenty more examples that prove that the value of a college education is enormous, like in my interview with Arsenia Garcia, she stated,” There is no such thing as a college education that's worthless, for me it is priceless because it can take you very far in life, if you let.”(Garcia). This quote shows that a college education is very important and much needed in everyone's life because it sets you up to be in great situation in where you will receive amazing
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