Informative Essay: How Cheerleading Is A Sport

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Lizzy Benne
6th hour
People think cheerleading isn't a sport, and girls and guys are just jumping around and screaming. There's more than that. There is tumbling, stunts, chants, and dances. Cheerleading takes time, training, and practice. People don't think cheerleading is a sport because it does not use a ball and it is too easy to even be considered. Little did they know that cheerleaders travel more than most soccer and football teams. Cheerleading is a sport because cheerleading fits the definition of a sport, it is competitive, and it involves training, effort, and practice. Cheerleading fits the definition of a sport. First, for example “ An activity involving physical exertion in which an individual or team competes
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Every sport is dangerous in its own way. According to multiple sources cheerleading does not even qualify in the top 10 most dangerous sports in the world. So even if it is dangerous these sports are even more football, rugby, MMA, Soccer and many more. There were many more sports listed and none including cheerleading. Another comment a person might say about cheerleading not being a sport is, “it is an athletic activity outside of school”. It's like calling chess a sport. It is an after school activity not an outside of school activity. It does not even really count as an activity either. It is more a sport because cheerleading fits the definition of a sport, cheerleading is competitive and it involves training and practice. Yet another thing people might say is “stunt is a sport but cheer is not because it's like any other club.” Yes stunt is a sport and so is cheer. Cheerleading is mostly based on stunting. But cheer has more physical exertion and has practice unlike most activities and more like a sport. Also a club is something that most people will call “nerdy” or “uncool”. Most people, at least girls, want to be on cheer squad when they tryout and some don't make it the people that tryout can become disappointed. Just like in any other sport people can try out for a team and won't necessarily make
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