Informative Essay: Lucille Ball's Dreams

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A person with dreams they can’t achieve is like someone who doesn’t have a life. That person may know what they want to achieve, but doesn’t know how. Lucille Ball was a girl who couldn't afford much, even pencils. She decided to drop out of high school at age 15. Lucille did pursue her dreams, though. Lucille wanted to be an actress and she accomplished that goal. She was in a lot of famous movies and in a show called “I Love Lucy.” This proved that, if you want something bad enough, and you never give up, you can fulfill your dreams. Lucille Ball was a fabulous person, but she had a frustrating life as a kid. For example, she would go to school everyday and be unable to write because “Ball always would sharpen her pencils until they were gone and she couldn't afford pencils” (Lucille Ball). She left high school at age 15 to pursue her dreams of being an actress (Lucille Ball). Lucille Ball started getting jobs as an actress between the ages of 16-21(Lucille Ball). As a result, Lucille Ball became an actress by pursuing her dreams and being in a lot of successful shows and movies, like one show called “I Love Lucy.” Many people admire Lucille Ball for her ability to still become an actress without going to college. For example, Lucille…show more content…
One one hand, even at age 60 “Lucille Ball was in her own show with her kids and her grand kids.”(Lucille Ball). As a matter of fact, Lucille Ball was 70 years old and she was still acting(Lucille Ball). Lucille Ball lived until she was 77 years old at which time she died from a aortic dissection on April 26, 1989. Consequently, Lucille Ball was remembered for her acting skills. To put it briefly, Lucille Ball annihilated the obstacles that were in her way. Not many people could do what Lucille Ball could. She went through a lot. Lucille Ball was not a person that couldn’t achieve her dreams. If she wanted to achieve her dreams she would do it herself, and she
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