Informative Essay: My First Pet Peeves

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My first pet peeve is when people tell me to speak up. Always when I’m at church and my parent’s friend come up to me and say you need to speak more. Also, people at school say that I’m too quiet and shy. They probably don’t know that it really hurts my feelings when people say this. I know I’m shy, I wish I wasn’t but it’s my personality. In today’s society, people treat being shy as a bad thing when really it’s okay to be shy. Being shy has its benefits like being a good listener. People like it when a person really takes time to listen to them. Who wants to talk to someone when they 're not going to listen to you. Second pet peeve is when people walk so slow in the halls. I have long legs so I walk faster because I take bigger steps. Mainly the foreign exchange students are always the people to walk slowly in the halls. It might be because they have short legs, but one day I was in the halls and a very short kid was speeding down the hallway so I know they could walk faster. Maybe they walk slow back at their old school and in their country, but in America we walk fast. Third pet peeve is when people stand in the middle of the hallway. Last year…show more content…
Fourth pet peeve is when people start to cry when they don’t get their way. I work at colt care at the elementary and there is this little girl who doesn 't want to try to get on the monkey bars. She always complains that she can’t reach (which she totally can). I know she can because her sister is the same height and she can reach. Than shortly she comes to me and ask for help and I tell her that she needs to try. After that she gives no effort in jumping and reaching out for the monkey bars. Than she starts crying because “she can’t do it.” I always tell her that you have to really try to do things in life. You can’t just wait for someone to do it for you that’s not how life works. Yes, it is going to be hard and of course you can ask for help if she really can’t do it. But you need to actually give effort and
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