Informative Essay On Anne Frank

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Anne Frank
Anne Frank is a very courageous woman, she was just a young Jewish girl who grew up with a Jewish family, in a Jewish town. Her and her family hid out to try to hide away from the concentration camps, but was later found and captured, Anne lives and pushes through for as long as she could, Anne later died from and infectious disease. This is the story of Anne Frank and how she was a very courageous person. Anne was born June 12, of 1929 in a small town in Germany called Frankfurt. She had a both a mother and a father, her mother named, Edith Frank and her father named, Otto Frank, Anne also had a little sister named Margot (Anne Frank Bio). She attended a very small school that was for Jews only (Linwer 3). Anne was raised around a mixture of a lot of different people, and a lot of different religions. She was raised to treat everyone the right way or in other words (treat other the way you would want to be treated.) She was always a really outgoing person who would speak her mind, she was very kind to others, and she was always full of lots of energy (Anne Frank Bio. Childhood). Anne’s family was considered more of the upper class people at that time in Germany. Anne her family, and also the people who
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Nobody knows exactly when Anne died because it was never reported, people believe that she died sometime around March of 1945. Just a month after Anne died the camps were shut down by the Germans, this was April 15, 1945. Anne Frank's father Otto Frank lives through everything (Linwer p. 6). Otto Frank was liberated from the death camp called Auschwitz (Anne Frank Line). After all the camps were shut down only 45 men and 82 women had lived (Linwer 7). Anne Franks diary was found and a lady named Miep, On June 3 1945 Mr. Frank comes back to Amsterdam and meets up with Miep and Jane Gies. gave it to her father (Anne Frank Bio)(Linwer 7)(Anne Frank

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