Informative Essay On Anxiety

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“Sometimes it is so bad that I do not want to leave the house, or even my room” -Anonymous. Anxiety is a bigger problem in the world than most people would believe. If more people knew about anxiety and how they can help, then I think it would not be or could not be as big of a problem. In this essay, I will be writing to you about why I think others should know about anxiety and how they might be able to help. What might happen when someone has an anxiety attack. Some things that might set an attack off.

I have a particular opinion that more people should know about anxiety so that they have somewhat of an idea on how they might be able to help. For example, if someone with anxiety lost their car keys and started over thinking and having an anxiety attack; how would you help? Would you attempt to calm and comfort them? Would you help them look? Would you
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Honestly, that could be anything from the happiest memory ever created, to the deepest fear ever thought of. Something as ridiculous as losing an object, for example; your car keys, or forgetting something that can be easily replaced, for example, your lunch. It is honestly impossible to say or tell when an anxiety attack is about to seep through the unstable, straw walls that have been built in a fatal attempt to stop panic attacks. Some things that enjoy pushing anxiety attacks into my uncoordinated life are being late, losing objects, forgetting things, talking in front of others, standing out, being invisible, whether or not I look okay, tests, quizzes, when others do not have the needed support, and what others think of me. If I could control my anxiety I would shrink it down and store in the farthest place possible from my everyday life; but like I said before, it is almost impossible to tell when an anxiety attack is coming and how to stop it. The worst feeling ever is trying to hold back an anxiety attack in
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