Informative Essay On Asthma

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Imagine you hanging out with a group of your friends and you all of a sudden feel like your chest is tightening. Imagine you trying to do something you love and you lose your breath out of nowhere. It 's hard to imagine isn’t it? It’s not for me, that 's my life. I have severe asthma, I 've had it since I was six months old maybe earlier. I personally didn’t know I had it until I had a really bad asthma attack at four years old and I could barely breathe. When my mom told me in the ambulance that I had asthma I got really scared, I could only think of the worst scenarios. Asthma is a health problem that statistically three out of five children born have. Asthma is a respiratory condition that causes difficulty in breathing, and could be life threatening. Some people are fortunate enough to grow out of it, but others not so much. In my case, It 's a 50/50. Asthma is a…show more content…
My parents have been by my side through every breathing treatment, every Iv, every time I had to spend the night in the hospital, they never left. I am thankful to have them because honestly without them, I probably wouldn’t be in the spot I am now. My asthma doesn’t only affect me, it affects them as well. It is hard for a parent to imagine a day without their child, but that 's the only thing that came to their mind when I had severe asthma attacks. They were my number one supporters in the long run. My asthma also affects other people like my friends. I know that they understand and care about my health problem, but It still holds them back. My friends and I do a lot together and when it comes to exercising we all have to go at a slower pace because I have difficulty breathing when I get out of hand and go extreme. I can’t do everything other people have the capability of doing in the gym, and to me it 's embarrassing. I have got picked on for having asthma and it 's not a good feeling, but I keep trying and I do what I want no matter how hard it may be. I take it one step at a time, evolving
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