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Everyone is curious about the existence and location of Atlantis. That is why a group of student researchers and I, are a part of a search from Duke University. We explored different parts of the ocean to see if we can find any artifacts can prove the existence of Atlantis and its location. We searched the most commonly named places of where Atlantis might be. We will be searching for Atlantis around spring, where the currents won’t be too high. We decided to search now because our technology is much more advanced and we have better underwater equipment which can help us get more accurate results and can help our search.
We have gathered some engineers to create, high-tech ROVs (remotely operated vehicle) for us. We required the ROV to travel
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After contacting several archaeologists to help us find where the Pillars of Hercules are (so we can have an idea of where Atlantis might be), we finally got an answer and most of the archaeologists agreed on an location. They said that the Pillars of Hercules are between Gibraltar, Spain and Jebel Musa, Morocco. Plato said in his dialogue that Atlantis lied beyond the pillars of Hercules and in the Atlantic Ocean. That means Atlantis is nowhere near Greece because The Pillar of Hercules are not anywhere near Greece. This gave us a hint of where Atlantis could be. It couldn’t be Cyprus because it is very far away from the Pillars of Hercules. Either Spain or the off coast Africa could be Atlantis because they are very near the Pillars of Hercules. The problem is the Pillars of Hercules is not all that matters to find Atlantis. We need to find a reasonable explanation to how Atlantis had sunk to the bottom of the ocean. After we have researched for a while, we finally found an explanation to how Atlantis sunk. We have theorized that an underwater volcano caused a massive earthquake in Atlantis, causing a tsunami to wash over Atlantis and eventually causing it to sink. Our theory is reasonable because, around that time, Europe and Africa had a lot of tsunamis and tsunamis are mainly caused by underwater earthquakes. We have predicted it would be somewhere in Spain because Spain is very near the Pillars of Hercules, it’s surrounding by the Atlantic Ocean and apart of Europe. It includes everything that we had in our theory and a lot of what Plato

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