Informative Essay On Baby Sling

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Baby Slings What is the best baby sling for a newborn? My first choice is a wrap. If I could do it again (or if we are blessed with another), I would buy a Didymos, probably an aqua waves. But really, any 100% cotton wrap will do. The Moby Wrap is a best-seller with a low price point ($35) and a fantastic instruction booklet. I give Moby Wraps for baby shower gifts. Wrapping looks intimidating, but really, for a front carry it is not hard at all. Just don’t panic when you open the package and find 6 yards (18 feet) of fabric! If you’ll spend about 10 minutes stepping though the instructions and then practice tying 5 times, you’ll be a pro. My local mammas, by far, find it easier to use a wrap around baby carrier than other slings - once they

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