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Fishing is a something that takes a lot of patience, practice, and knowledge to be good at it. These factors make it a very challenging sport or recreation. Bass fishing in particular is one that takes the most of of patience, practice, and knowledge. In the world of bass fishing it can be very complex because there are things that have to be done like choosing the right kind of bait, locating where the bass are, and understanding the competitive sport of bass fishing.
In the world of bass fishing there are many baits that are used to catch bass, but the ones in this paper are just some common ones used. Carolina rig is a deep-water assembly that uses a heavy slip sinker, plastic bead, barrel swivel, 16-to 18-inch leader, hook, and soft-plastic
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The Florida rig is an advancement over the toothpick-pegging method, Florida rig sinkers are molded around a thin Teflon tube, and a corkscrew wire that screws into the nose of a soft bait. Slip the sinker on the main line, tie the hook directly to the main line, and screw it into the bait. This provides the ultimate bait for a weedless and snagless presentation for big bass in heavy cover (Chen). One bait that is great for really dense weeds under the water is this rig because it seems to glide right through the weeds and not snagging anything which can be a huge advantage to the fisherman for getting in right in close with the bass. The Florida and Carolina rig both use soft baits, but the Lipless Crankbait is quite a bit different than those…show more content…
The Texas rig is a rig that uses the method of securing a hook to a soft-PVC plastic bait-worm, lizard, crawfish, by burying the hook point into the body of the lure. The “Texas rig” is probably the most popular and most recognized method of fishing plastic worms. This rig has a bullet shaped sinker (of any size), a single hook (called a Sproat, Offset or Worm hook). This rig can be used in any depth of in any type of cover. The type of plastic bait that you attach is usually a plastic worm or lizard of some size (Chen). This bait is one of my most common baits that I personally use. It is great almost anywhere and the only thing that the fisherman has to worry about is if they choose the right plastic worm or lizard. The Texas, Carolina, and the Florida rig both use the technique of

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