Informative Essay On Bathrooms

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Sh*t Happens A bathroom is a place we use every day. Still, we often seem to brush off the details of these essential places without thinking about it. To learn more about different bathroom cultures, Shabazz students were surveyed to learn how things like hygiene, graffiti, and unwritten rules can affect such a monotonous daily task. Public bathrooms often seem to be stereotyped as dirty or gross. 90% of the Shabazz students who responded to the survey said they are less likely to use a dirty bathroom, and would rather just hold it until they get home. The remaining 10% just do what they have to do. The students surveyed described a gross bathroom as having an unpleasant smell, having garbage on the floor, and having unstocked soap, toilet paper, and paper towel dispensers. In comparison to your average public bathroom, 40% of the students surveyed responded that the Shabazz bathroom is cleaner and better taken care of than other public bathrooms. Another cleanliness factor that comes up in bathrooms is personal hygiene. A 2013 study from Michigan State University discovered some pretty gross statistics about hand washing habits. They found that only 64% of people use soap when they wash their hands, and 11% just don’t wash their hands at all. Another aspect that can affect the cleanliness, as well as the overall experience, is bathroom graffiti. If you’ve ever used a bathroom outside of your house, you’ve probably seen some anonymous artwork scribbled on the walls.

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