Informative Essay On Bob Shaw

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Bob Shaw. Born on August 16th 1952, Hamilton. Died peacefully on March 24th 2004. Resting at Crestmount Funeral Home. Burial planned at Woodlands Cemetery.

Bob was a loving husband to his wife Jacqueline, married since 1977. He is a father to his son Nathan, his only child. Bob loved to go on adventures as a child. He was always there for his friends. He would always look after them. He would enjoy being a risk taker and doing things that only the brave would attempt. But if a friend was in need, everyone knew he would be there. Explaining why he was a firefighter. It ran in his blood. His father too, was a firefighter. He was very strong physically and mentally, and would do anything to stop a fire. Bob loved to go on trips with Nathan.
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